'nuff said - here's the list and the times in the video in which they are shown!

20.) Soundhound 0:58
19.) PhotoFunia 2:06
18.) Locksider+ 3:32
17.) Private Lite {Album Photo Video Browser Lock} 4:39
16.) Toolbox Plus 7:31
15.) Connectivity Shortcuts 10:51
14.) Emergency Kit 12:05
13.) Metro Radio 13:32
12.) Weather View 14:45
11.) Top Task List 15:43
10.) UC Browser 17:33
9.) OverDrive Media Console 21:48
8.) Calendar + and Live Calendar 24:02
7.) gMaps 25:48
6.) gDocs 28:20
5.) Silver Dictionary 29:14
4.) WhatsApp 30:57
3.) Amazing Music 31:52
2.) Weave Reader 34:20
1.) MetroTube 36:46

tags: Top 20 apps top 20 phone apps top 10 apps top 10 phones top windows phone apps top 20 windows phone apps top 10 windows phone apps best windows phone 8 apps windows windows phone 8 top android apps top 10 android phones apple ios apps Soundhound PrivateLite Metro Radio weather app UC Browser OverDrive Media Console WhatsApp Amazing Music Weave Reader MetroTube Android (operating System) iphone 5 windows surface surface windows rt
7/16/2013 06:21:36 pm

I went through the list of 20 and I am so much happy to see that it is almost similar to the list I had in my mind! With the evolution of windows phones and applications the field of communication has undergone lots o f changes!

10/18/2013 01:06:01 pm

Was just looking for a site like this, thanks

2/22/2014 03:11:37 am

Its a pretty nice website

8/23/2014 06:39:03 pm

However, if you have added Google Analytics to your site you will get a wealth of information every time you check in.

10/21/2014 02:48:26 pm

I am so much happy to see that it is almost similar to the list I had in my mind! With the evolution of windows phones and applications the field of communication has undergone lots o f changes!


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