Windows Phone 8 & the HTC 8X get put to the ultimate test.  After spending some quality time with this phone as my daily driver, I'm sharing with you OVER 1.5 HOURS of video footage of EVERYTHING Windows 8 has to offer (timelinks below...use them!) I give my final verdict of this phone and OS at the end of the video.

0:16 - Intro 
1:11 - Specs
6:49 - Tile Interface
9:04 -- Status Bar & Multitasking
11:49 - Voice Commands
14:26 - Bing Search -- Web & Music search
18:13 - Web Browser
24:48 - Phone Interface
26:32 - Email 
31:44 -- Calendar
37:22 - HTC Weather
42:09 - Maps
47:24 - Market
51:04 - Camera & Photo Enhancer
58:49 - Xbox Games
1:01:23 - Xbox Music
1:06:15 - Alarm
1:07:21 - One Note
1:08:34 - Settings
1:27:14 -- Final Words, Rating, Pros & Cons


Windows Phone 8 & HTC 8X IN-DEPTH REVIEW
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7/21/2013 10:21:59 pm

I really loved the review. I had decide to buy a smartphone for my fiance but was confused as to which one to buy. It was either a Samsung SIII or a Samsung Nexus. Thats when I read here about the HTC and I have decided to get it.

1/6/2015 07:57:58 pm

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nice phone
I really loved the review. I had decide to buy a smartphone for my fiance but was confused as to which one to buy. It was either a Samsung SIII or a Samsung Nexus. Thats when I read here about the HTC and I have decided to get it.

8/29/2018 07:33:22 pm

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