^Part 1 of the White PS Vita in action
0:17 -- PS Vita Assassins Creed Bundle Unboxing
5:50 -- System Walkthrough
7:35 -- Essential Applications -- PSN Store
13:39 -- PS Vita Web Browser (& my new webpage! www.techsavisolution.weebly.com)
16:00 -- Other PS Vita Apps available on the PSN
16:32 -- Facebook for PS Vita
18:32 -- Youtube for PS Vita
20:21 -- PS Vita Settings, System Walkthrough Cont.
27:21 -- Assassins Creed III Liberations for PS Vita
40:46 -- Lumines: Electronic Symphony
50:01 -- Zen Pinball 2
1:02:57 -- Gravity Rush
1:15:32 -- AR Card Demo: Table Soccer

^Part 2 of White PS Vita awesomness
0:21 -- Wipeout 2048
5:24 -- Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
30:56 -- Little Big Planet
1:01:52 -- Super Stardust Delta
1:07:10 -- Ragnarok Odyssey
1:32:03 -- Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz
1:46:21 -- Final Words/Conclusion
Happy New Years, everyone! Here's to starting the year off with some in-depth gaming goodness! Thinking of buying a gaming companion to accompany you in the new year? Considering the PS Vita? Take a look at what the PS Vita can offer you-- whether you want the white one (above) or the black (below).  I've got a total of 4.5 hours on both systems (3hrs for white, 1.5 for black)-- so watch to your heart's content ;) Or visit the timestamps on the bottom of each video to jump to a specific part you want to see.
^Part 1 - PS Vita Black
0:20 - Intro
2:01 - Specs
3:37 - Physical Tour + Additional Specs
15:13 Software/UI Tour 
^Part 2 - PS Vita Black
0:13 - Welcome Park + Minigame Demo
5:17 - Party App
7:23 - Playstation Network Store
14:06 - Near App
16:35 - Friends App
17:34 - Messaging App
19:17 - Trophies App
20:18 - Photos + Camera App
25:38 - Web Browser
32:00 - Music App + Content Manager
36:18 - Maps
39:50 - PS Vita Settings
42:31 - Facebook

^Part 3 - PS Vita Black
0:37 - Asphalt Injection
6:26 - Rayman Origins
12:27 - Unit 13
21:06 - Dynasty Warriors
24:25 - Lumines Electronic Symphony
31:32 - Conclusion

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